Rismaya Mahaprana Internasional

Rismaya Mahaprana Internasional  ( RMI ) vision  is an environmental and social impact driven business.forest conservation through  out Indonesia Islands.

RMI is a  certified limited Private Company and a global leader in a supply chain sustainability management of protected and conservation forest.

RMI worked with local communities to develop sustainable carbon offset , regenerative agriculture , agroforestry ,forest conservation and landscape restoration projects in more than 5 provinces forest islands in Indonesia.

RMI support a healthy effective impact atmosphere and environment by collaborating and sharing knowledge with local stakeholder and local state universities.

RMI also promote career development and support employees to continue learning and bringing their expertise .

RMI forest carbon conservation project works as an International teams with ASIA , USA and  EUROPE partners all interacting together .

Our Vision

What We Do

There are seven sub-districts that are the main focus of PT. Rismaya development of improving Human Resources in order to help achieve several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) targets carried out by the government, namely sub-districts including Amahai District, Teluk Elpa Putih District, Central Maluku District, West Bula District, Bula, Teluk Waru, Tutuk Tolu, Kilmury, Eastern Seram District . These sub-districts must face a process of change from new influences, both in terms of social, cultural and economic aspects due to the large industry entering. The changes that occur can be positive or negative, depending on the response of the community concerned. This response is one of the fruits of the community’s knowledge of the identity of the region.

Rismaya Mahaprana Internasional Project Plan

• Saving the remaining Tropical Forest in East Seram District , Central Maluku which has Conservation Value and Carbon Stock.
• Tropical forests are the largest source of income for rural communities (herbs & spices, eucalyptus) in Seram
• The main physical and social buffer for the buffer for the East Seram Island is an inportant habitat for the Seram Cockatoo and Nuri