Rismaya Mahaprana Internasional Project Plan

  • Saving the remaining Tropical Forest in East Seram District , Central Maluku which has Conservation Value and Carbon Stock.
  • Tropical forests are the largest source of income for rural communities (herbs & spices, eucalyptus) in Seram.
  • The main physical and social buffer for the buffer for the East Seram Island is an inportant habitat for the Seram Cockatoo and Nuri
Project Plan

New Way To See Forest

  • Forests have more “economic value” in the context of Climate Change Mitigation.
  • Forests are protected because they store carbon (HSC) and have high conservation value (HCV, biodiversity and natural habitat).
  • Economic Value of Tropical Forests: Preventing CO2 from escaping (released) or Forest in being conversion.
  • Efforts to “prevent” are carried out through restoration and conservation which are not cheap and require the
    involvement of parties, including the private sector.
  • The private sector is willing to do this if this business provides financial benefits.
  • Prevent CO2 release” -> generate carbon credits
  • Preventing CO2 release” -> requires an inexpensive investment.

Forest Economic Value

  • Efforts to prevent CO2 release or forest conversion.
  • Economic value can be created in the form of Carbon Credits, after the process of methodological development, certification, verification with certain standards is recognized.
  • The resulting carbon credits will be trading through the carbon market , VCS through the carbon market (various schemes: voluntary carbon market, VCS, etc.).
  • These carbon credits can be sold if they are purchased by companies that are environmentally conscious or voluntarily purchase Carbon Credits due to customer demands, government regulations or through
    international agreements (UNFCCC).


  • Its working area is Tropical Forest, degraded land that must be restored, vulnerable to land
    fires, looting, development of settlements and community gardens and regional development.
  • Implementing seed procurement and nursery maintenance; planting of local commercial trees in Unproductive areas.
  • Coordination of regional development plans with restoration and conservation efforts.
  • Government regulations to consider a Business to Business mechanism based on a market mechanism for carbon trading based on restoration and conservation.
  • A clear concept of state control over carbon credits that will be regulated in regulations.

Empowered Communities, Healthy Forests, Protected Climate

Empowered Community

  • Economics: Village agreements, stimulation funds, chicken farming groups, spice farmer groups, access to electricity (solar power), community nurseries.
  • Education: Scholarships for high school students with high achievement, School Field Facilities, Libraries, Cleanliness of East Seram Distric.
  • Health: Campaign to prevent and spread COVID 19, provision of clean water for individuals and groups, reading glasses..
  • Social: Construction of houses of worship, Church / Mosque

Tropical Forest

  • Tropical forest rehabilitation and restorationTropical forest
  • Protection of Biodiversity.
  • Installation of camera traps.
  • East Seram Cockatoo and Nuri
    will be realese and monitoring
  • HCV mapping, creation of permanent
  • RE Periodic Forest Inventory (IHBRE).

Maintained Climate

  • Forest Protection and Security
    from illegal activities.
  • Forest fire prevention (training with MPA, drilling wells, canal blocking. joint patrols, analysis of fire danger rating, mini weather station, fire control tower).).