Rismaya Mahaprana Internasional

Management & Strategic Plans of Protecting the Tropical Forest in East Seram, Maluku District , Central Maluku

Efforts by the Private sector in encouraging emission reduction in Indonesia (Forestry and agriculture sector)

Rismaya Mahaprana Internasional Project Plan

  • Saving the remaining Tropical Forest in East Seram District , Central Maluku which has Conservation Value and Carbon Stock.
  • Tropical forests are the largest source of income for rural communities (herbs & spices, eucalyptus) in Seram
  • The main physical and social buffer for the buffer for the East Seram Island is an inportant habitat for the Seram Cockatoo and Nuri
What We Did

Empowering and involving the community to be involved in maintaining and conserving the tropical forest ecosystem

Empowered Community

Many humanitarian activity, coverage in Economics, Education, Health and Social for local community

Tropical forest

Tropical forest rehabilitation and restoration, including protection of Biodiversity and periodic forest inventory

Maintained Climate

Forest Protection and Security from illegal activities.and Forest fire prevention

Fundamentals of Ecosystem Restoration
(Investment) Management

Sustainable Forest Management and Obligations

Sustainable production forest management, complying with Ecological, Economic and Social principles.
Government regulations, e-restore, restoration permits. 10 year work plan, annual work plan.

Report Document

Project design: Verify VCS
Audit reports VCS Verification
Activity Report

Work Plan

Framework for preparing detailed restoration work plans
Monitoring evaluation, supporting documents

Forest Protection, Conservation and Security


Rismaya Mahaprana Internasional

Forest protection and securement to prevent and minimize deforestation together with local people, local highest priest / radja radja , and district government people of East Seram District

  • Monitoring of illegal logging activities, land encroachment, hunting of wild animals and catching fish using poison, electric tools and explosives
  • RMI internal coordination,
    coordination with coordination with local Highest Priest / Radja Radja, and local district
    government . and multistakeholders,
  • Forest Fire Prevention (initial attack).

PT. Rismaya Mahaprana Internasional Conservation

Seeing the economic value of forests, based on ecosystem restoration

NEW Way to see Forest